COVID-19 updates

for parents, carers and students

We will be using this page to provide you with updates on the COVID-19 situation and specifically how it is affecting Mayesbrook Park School. Please check regularly for general updates which will be published here. 

Face masks

Following Public Health advice please note that from Monday 14th September students and staff at the Mayesbrook Park Campus will be expected to wear face masks when in communal areas and at break and lunchtimes.

Masks should be plain in colour and should not be worn on the way to school – a fresh mask should be used on arrival in the school building.

We will be able to provide masks if a student forgets theirs but our stocks are limited.


7 April 2021: Click here to download Easter Holiday Covid Testing letter 

24 February 2021: Click here to go to our Covid testing consent page

13 January 2021: Click here to download our GCSE mock exams timetable for 2021

15 December 2020: Click here to download January start of term arrangements letter and click here to download a letter from LBBD about testing students who do not have symptoms (asymptomatic).

Click here to read a letter from letter Matthew Cole, LBBD Director of Public Health explaining why and when self-isolation is necessary and when individuals should go for a test. 

23 September 2020: Letter from NHS Trace and Trace please click here.

Click here are ideas about staying well at home (update 27 March 2020)

Click here to download our Child Protection and Safeguarding: COVID-19 addendum policy (Updated September 2020) and to view our Safeguarding and Child Protection policy, please click here.

Click here to download our latest newsletter - 4th May 2020


If you have any questions or concerns or need any technical help with login to our homework system you can email us by clicking here and we will come back to you.

To access the online learning platform “Google Classroom”, your child should go to:

Their username will be their first initial and last name followed by for example: Tom Allen would be

Their password will be the password they use to log in on computers at school. If they have not logged in before, their password will be password

Other websites used regularly in school for access to online learning:

Science: Kerboodle - Students have had a letter with login details sent home and need to go to and sign in using the details sent through. Information is also available on Google Classroom.

Maths: How to access MyMaths. Students have had a letter with login details sent home. Go to and log in at the top of the screen using your school username and password. On the next screen enter your personal username and password in the My Portal box.

Your login details

School username: tuition2

School password: divide195

My portal username: …

My portal password: …

Please keep a record of your username and password as you will be asked to enter them every time you log in to MyMaths.

We recommend using MyMaths on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet to get the best experience. 

To view the latest NHS guidance COVID-19 and common questions about the Coronavirus (C-19) click here.