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A week by week guide to keeping active

Get Active

With the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents' summer plans —have been thrown for a loop. Traditional camps may not be an option this year. So, what is everyone going to do with their kids this whole summer?

Our virtual summer camps offer parents a chance to have someone else take over childcare duties for a minute, opening up an opportunity to get work done, do chores, or, heck, even take a shower.

Virtual Camps are all about connectedness. Virtual Summer activities will bring your child together with fellow campers for whichever activity they choose for the week. Whether the group is baking together or getting fit together, the program is interactive so your child will have a new group of friends to see, chat and learn with at each activity. They will build friendships while they learn new skills. 

The Healthy Lifestyles Team has a vast array of sports and physical activity programmes running during the five weeks which are free for children and young people who live or go to school in Barking and Dagenham.

There are also some activities that libraries, children’s centres, youth centres and leisure centres are hosting during the holidays.  Details of these programmes can be found below. Some may have a small cost to attend which are  shown in the guide.

Finally, there is some information on some sports, physical activity and health sessions that run all year for children and young people linked into programmes run by the Healthy Lifestyle Team and their partners.

To download our week by week guide to staying active over the summer holidays, please click here

Click here to download Barking and Dagenham's A to Z of summer opportunities for young people.

The Coventry University have produced a flyer with information about their summer activities. Click here to download.