Erkenwald Campus


This is what parents, students and others have to say about their experiences of Erkenwald Campus.


Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone at Erkenwald for all they have done for our daughter. You’ve turned a frightened girl into a beautiful, strong young woman. J Watkins



The overall quality and effectiveness of the school’s provision for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of its young people is outstanding. Sharon Gray OBE, Education Consultant
Outstanding promotion of equal opportunities means that all pupils really are regarded as individuals with different needs, both personal and academic. Sharon Gray OBE, Education Consultant



The staff are amazing. They understand about my anxieties and help me to manage them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the staff's support. I can’t believe I’m going to college, but I am. Year 11 student
My teacher is the best. Mrs Kitchener, I am thankful for joining your school. It has changed me. I love this school and don’t want to leave. Thank you for helping me. Megan
In my previous school, I used to freeze and almost black out and the staff would have a go at me. I don’t have blackouts here because I don’t panic. If I did, I know they would help me. The teachers here should teach teachers in mainstream schools; they could really help them to understand. Year 11 student
Such an amazing place. People who come here are really lucky to have these amazing teachers. Thank you so much for going through everything with me. Courtney
Mrs Markova, thank you for all your hard work and for never giving up on me. There were so many times when I wanted to give up but you never let me. I was very lucky to have a second chance of a brighter future; you and the other teachers are to thank for that. I’ll never forget you and your genius brains. L
Thank you very much for your patience, understanding and belief in us that you have shown, and the extra help you have given us. C