Seabrook Campus

Our curriculum

At Seabrook Campus, we provide a Positive Return programme for students aged 11 to 14 who are struggling with social, emotional or mental health difficulties in their mainstream school and are in danger of permanent exclusion. We usually have between 15 and 25 students at any one time.

Our six-week Positive Return programme focuses on giving students the skills and confidence to return to their schools and to be successful there. In the Positive Return curriculum, each week is self-contained and has a theme – Confidence, Control, Communication, Co-operation, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Each school day begins with Breakfast Club, followed by a session of yoga or quiet reading. The morning lessons focus on developing learning skills and include: English, Maths, Humanities, Science, Art, and Personal and Social Development.

In the afternoons, the students focus on life skills and participate in a range of activities including: physical education, drama, music, first aid, gardening, finance and domestic studies, and a Friday afternoon session at Stubbers Activity and Adventure Centre, where they can take part in a range of outdoor activities such as raft-building and high ropes to develop their confidence and teamworking skills.

On arrival at Seabrook, each student is assessed to determine their academic level as well as their learning, personal and social, and life skills; these areas are focused on in all the classes and activities.

All students are assigned a mentor who they work closely with to achieve aspirational targets, both academic and personal. The mentor is an important person for the student during their six weeks here and is the main link between the family and the school. Students and their mentors meet each week to gauge progress made and set targets for the next week. At the end of a student’s six weeks at Seabrook, there is a meeting to review their overall progress. A further meeting is held six weeks after the student has returned to their mainstream school, to review their ‘positive return’.

To view our Personal Development curriculum offered here at Seabrook campus, please click here.