Seabrook Campus

Welcome to the Campus

Welcome to Seabrook Campus.  Here we provide a six-week ‘Positive Return’ programme for up to 25 11 to 14 year-olds who have been struggling with social, emotional or mental health issues which have impacted on their progress in mainstream school and may therefore mean that they are in danger of permanent exclusion.

Our Positive Return curriculum focuses on helping students to build the skills and personal qualities necessary to return to their schools and be successful there. Each week is self-contained and has a theme – Confidence, Control, Communication, Cooperation, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

Each school day begins with Breakfast Club and small group discussion in order to best prepare for the day ahead. Morning lessons focus on developing academic learning skills and include English, Maths, Science, Humanities and PSHE. In the afternoons, the focus is on more practical and vocational learning where students can develop essential life skills.  These range from cooking and gardening to ICT, PE and team building.  This ensures that we provide a holistic approach to learning.

We want our students to progress in all areas of the curriculum and, most importantly, to help them make a ‘positive return’ to their mainstream school. To do this, we offer an essential ‘breathing space’ where we can support them to overcome their barriers to learning using a range of methods including: the nurture class, small groups, one-to-one and counselling sessions.  We also help them to develop strategies and coping mechanisms which they can use when they return to mainstream.

Our committed, highly qualified staff are trained to teach in alternative provision, to mentor and to meet students’ individual needs. On arrival at Seabrook, each student is assessed to determine their academic level and personal, social and life skills, and appropriate interventions are then put into place. All students are assigned a mentor who works closely with them to set targets and monitor their progress.

Positive relationships, mutual trust and respect are key to a successful programme at Seabrook. We value our students and listen to their ideas and opinions. In return, we have high expectations of their behaviour and commitment to their progress. We work closely with parents/carers and our partner organisations to help our students and their families deal with any issues they might have.  We maintain at least weekly contact with parents and referring schools.  Once students return to school, we continue to offer support with visits and mentoring as needed.  This is agreed with student, parent/carer and school at the exit meeting.

We believe that all our students can be happy and successful, and we support them to build their confidence and self-esteem so they are ready to re-engage successfully with their mainstream school and achieve their full potential.

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