Mayesbrook Park Campus

Welcome from the Head Teacher

Welcome to Mayesbrook Park Campus. We provide up to 70 full-time places for 11 to 16 year-olds who have been excluded permanently or short term, or are on respite placements from their mainstream school.

Many of the students referred to our campus have experienced behavioural, emotional or social difficulties in their previous schools. We work to support them to return to mainstream schooling or, for more vocational learners, to take up a college place.

We offer a supportive, caring environment to help them to overcome their barriers to learning. Our highly experienced staff are key to that success and want students to do well. Mentoring and counselling opportunities are available if required, and our students value all the adults’ support and care. Students generally follow a curriculum similar to that of mainstream schools and have the chance to study GCSEs in seven or more subjects, with additional non-accredited subjects available to broaden the curriculum.

We have high expectations of behaviour and engagement in our school, and regularly reward and celebrate those who put in consistent effort and try their best. In the last year, we sent students on three residential trips, and regular team-building activities help them to build trust and confidence. Our students also take part in borough sports events, supporting young people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. We encourage them to make positive contributions to their local community.

We also work very closely with parents/carers and partner organisations to support our students and their family to move from what is often a negative place to a more positive point in their lives.

Our overall aim is to encourage and support students to develop a sense of self-worth and aspirations for the future, to recognise that mistakes can be overcome and that they can still achieve at the highest levels. We want all of our students to know that being at Mayesbrook Park Campus is a stepping stone to a brighter future, as they will have learnt from the hurdles they have overcome and become stronger characters, determined to fulfil their potential.

Our real mark of success is when ex-students return and tell us how well they are doing in their new school, college or workplace, and that their time here was a real turning point for them.

If you would like to see the good things we get involved in and to meet our students, please contact the campus office to arrange a visit.

Cathy Stygal  

Cathy Stygal